Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Video QuickTip #45 - December 22, 2009

Add a little ‘Flashdance’ to your New Year's makeup!

Brett gets together with Katerina Graham of The Vampire Diaries to show you a fun new trick
to add an 80’s edge to your party makeup.

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is back in makeup. Incorporate this little trick to make your eyes stand out from across the room when the ball drops. It’s so quick and simple, Katerina says it’s great for anytime, not just New Year's parties!

Take your blush brush and pick up a lot of color from your favorite shade of blush or bronzer. Brett loves peaches and pinks best, but taupes and bronze shades work well, too.

Pick up a post card, business card, or anything with a straight hard edge, and hold it up to the face diagonally from the nose to the corner of the eye to the temple. With your blush brush, start at the base of the lash line at the corner of the eye and brush up on the card and onto the skin, blending the color into your eye makeup.

And there it is – instant edge and 80’s glam! And as a bonus, it’s super easy!

PS – Katerina loves Dr. KISS! Check out the clip for her very own Quick Tip using the tinted lip balm and buy it online at vanitymark.com!

Enjoy pretty and Happy New Year!

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