Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday QuickTip #35 – July 28, 2009

"Crazy Bright" Blue Liquid Liner Makes Eyes Pop!

Ever wanted to try a bright color on your eyes, but too scared to go for it? Now’s your chance - Brett shows you how to add a pop of color to eyes with a vivid blue liquid liner!

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Don’t shy away from bold colors, like the electric blue Brett has chosen. Bright colors can easily add oomph and interest to your eyes!

Brett’s tip – keep vivid liner close to the lash line and pair with lots of lash!!

Brett also recommends:

- Apply dots instead of worrying about getting a perfectly straight, solid line. Just apply little dots along the lash line, bringing them together to create a nice line.

- Big lashes will let the color just peek out. Curl and apply a lot of mascara to get full, lush lashes.

- If you do get a little liquid liner on your lashes, just pinch it off while it’s wet – it’s easier to fix then when dry.  If it does dry, just cover with more mascara.

- Keep lips subtle for a balanced look – let your eyes get the color!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday QuickTip #34 - July 21, 2009

Get tan like a Soap Star without the drama! Brett visits Tracey Bregman, better known as Lauren from The Young & the Restless, for a lesson in the art of sunless tanning!

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Tracey truly is a self-tanning aficionado. Born with very pale skin and knowing the dangers of the sun, she’s become a pro over the years with sunless tanning techniques and products. Here are her top tips:
  • Spray tans are great for events, but upkeep can get expensive. Without products at home, you have to go back to the salon every time the tan fades!
  • Great sunless tanning products don’t have to be pricey. What’s her fave? L’Oreal Sublime Glow in Medium…only $10 at drugstores!
  • Apply self-tanner in your shower stall so there’s no mess left behind.
  • Spray the self-tanner on in a circular motion – you’ll avoid lines and streaks every time!
  • Stand on a washcloth so that your soles don’t get extra color. As a bonus, after you’re done applying, wipe off hands and rough spots with the same washcloth.
With these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a glowing goddess, just like Tracey!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday QuickTip #33 - July 14, 2009

Want an easy way to amp up your eye makeup without buying new products?

Brett shows how to get a modern Barbarella look by extending your eyeliner beyond the lash line.

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It might seem straight from the 70’s disco era, but if done right, extending you eyeliner the tiniest bit can make a great impact on your look and adds instant sex appeal.

Brett recommends using an eyeliner pencil with a smudging edge on one side (such as Benefit Bad Girl) and lining eyes as usual, sticking close to the lash line.  Instead of stopping at the end of the eye where lashes are the thickest, continue the line, bringing it out and up towards the temple.

Très simple!  Just remember, keep the line going out and up, not straight out or down.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday QuickTip #32 - July 7, 2009

Who DOESN’T want to get rid of their dark under-eye circles?

One of the most popular questions Brett gets asked is how to banish dark under-eye circles.  So what are these nuisances and how do we properly disguise them??

The area around the eyes has the highest concentration of blood vessels AND the thinnest skin on the whole body… not the best combo.  When you see dark circles, you’re seeing the blood vessels under the skin, normally more visible when we are irritated or fatigued.  Unfortunately, having prominent dark circles is hereditary, so thank mom and dad!

Relaxing and getting enough rest is key to downplaying dark circles, but makeup can work wonders if done right.  Brett recommends the following steps for a flawless face that doesn’t look concealer-heavy:

  • Lightly apply foundation all over the face - go into the eyelids and around the eyes.  This takes away the pinkish blood vessels on the lids and puts a nice veil over under-eye circles.
  • Next, mix a thick, waxy stick concealer with a little foundation on your hand.  Lighter gel concealers made with silicon also work but don’t cover quite as well.
  • With a brush, dab on concealer/foundation mix only where you really need it – on the inner eye area.  No ‘racoon sweep’ needed!  When you pull concealer all the way out to your laugh lines, you risk the concealer settling into creases and looking harsh.

Voila!  With this veil of foundation and light touch of concealer, your eyes will look well-rested, bright and open without being weighed down by makeup.