Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video QuickTip #49 - February 23, 2010

Ah, the smoky eye - so haute, yet so elusive! With one foul eye shadow stroke, we can end up with more of a black eye than a sex kitten look.

Actress and comedienne Melissa Peterman (currently hosting The Singing Bee on CMT) stopped by to learn how to sex up her eyes in 4 simple steps from Brett.

Your smoky eye kit should include -
  • 3 shades of coordinating colors - 1 medium and 1 dark satin finish shadow and 1 shimmery light shadow. You can use navy, plum, burgundy, copper, neutrals...a smoky eye isn't limited to charcoals!
  • eye shadow brushes - a medium size and a smaller, tighter brush
  • dark eye shadow pencil

And now, Brett's 4-step smoky eye trick. Cue drum roll!

1. Start with the medium shadow and medium brush. Rim the eye around the lash line and up into the lid, almost to the brow. brush up and out and feather to blend. This should be a big broad application of color - use this shade to 'recess' and sink the lid in.
2. Next pick up the darker shadow and the smaller brush. Remember - as the shade gets darker, the size of your brush should get smaller! Apply the color really close to the lash line and lightly up into the crease, but not as far as the medium shade. You want the two shades to blend seamlessly.
3. The lightest shade should be pale and shimmery to contrast. Brush along the tail of your brow and feather down into the darker shades on the lid. This will really make your brow bone pop.
4. For the final touch, take a dark liner pencil and lightly line the eyes, staying really close to the lash line and slightly winging out at the corner of the eye.

And that's it - an exotic, impactful smoky eye in 4 easy steps!

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