Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Video Quick TIp #63 - December 14, 2010

In today's fashion-forward Quick Tip, Brett sits down with starlet Jenny Mollen (she was a regular on Angel and Crash and has a bunch of movies coming out next year - keep your eye on her!) to show off a great way to draw attention to your peepers...the retro Twiggy androgynous eye!

For this eye-popping look, start with the Revlon Cream Shadow quad in Khaki Suede and cover the entire lid and into tear duct with the middle neutral tan shades. Highlight the brow bone area with a shimmery champagne powder shadow like MAC Nylon.

Dust on a medium brown shade like MAC Quarry in a rainbow shape that hugs the lid. Next, apply Quarry below the lower lash line in a straight line keeping close to the lashes.

Then take MAC Print, a matte charcoal gray shade, and using a tiny brush, apply a thin rainbow-shaped line right on top of the Quarry shadow on the lid. Underneath the lower lash line, draw a thin, straight line across on top of the Quarry line. Lightly extend the rainbow line out to meet the line underneath the lower lash line.

Add more definition to the brows with a brow pencil - Brett used his own Vanitymark Ultra-Brow Pencil in Blondie for Jenny. Thicken the area above the arches a tiny bit to add interest.

Apply half-length false lash strips (or cut full-length ones in half) to the outer edge of the upper lash line for added volume and length. Brett likes the ones from Kre-At Beauty.

For the true swingin' 60s look, apply individual short lashes to the lower lash line, picket fencing them in with your natural lashes. Kre-At Beauty makes these as well.

On the upper lash line, use a fine-point liquid liner like Shiseido The Makeup Fine Eyeliner in Black and follow the lash line really close. Extend the line a tiny bit.

Once the liquid liner sets, it's time for the finishing touch - break out a white liner pencil like Lancome Blanc, and accentuate the geometric straight line you created with Quarry and Print below the lower lash line. Line the inside of the lower lash line in white and carry the line into the teardruct and straight out beyond the outside corner of the eye.

It's the little steps here that make all the difference in a unique look like this!

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