Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday QuickTip #32 - July 7, 2009

Who DOESN’T want to get rid of their dark under-eye circles?

One of the most popular questions Brett gets asked is how to banish dark under-eye circles.  So what are these nuisances and how do we properly disguise them??

The area around the eyes has the highest concentration of blood vessels AND the thinnest skin on the whole body… not the best combo.  When you see dark circles, you’re seeing the blood vessels under the skin, normally more visible when we are irritated or fatigued.  Unfortunately, having prominent dark circles is hereditary, so thank mom and dad!

Relaxing and getting enough rest is key to downplaying dark circles, but makeup can work wonders if done right.  Brett recommends the following steps for a flawless face that doesn’t look concealer-heavy:

  • Lightly apply foundation all over the face - go into the eyelids and around the eyes.  This takes away the pinkish blood vessels on the lids and puts a nice veil over under-eye circles.
  • Next, mix a thick, waxy stick concealer with a little foundation on your hand.  Lighter gel concealers made with silicon also work but don’t cover quite as well.
  • With a brush, dab on concealer/foundation mix only where you really need it – on the inner eye area.  No ‘racoon sweep’ needed!  When you pull concealer all the way out to your laugh lines, you risk the concealer settling into creases and looking harsh.

Voila!  With this veil of foundation and light touch of concealer, your eyes will look well-rested, bright and open without being weighed down by makeup.