Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday QuickTip #33 - July 14, 2009

Want an easy way to amp up your eye makeup without buying new products?

Brett shows how to get a modern Barbarella look by extending your eyeliner beyond the lash line.

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It might seem straight from the 70’s disco era, but if done right, extending you eyeliner the tiniest bit can make a great impact on your look and adds instant sex appeal.

Brett recommends using an eyeliner pencil with a smudging edge on one side (such as Benefit Bad Girl) and lining eyes as usual, sticking close to the lash line.  Instead of stopping at the end of the eye where lashes are the thickest, continue the line, bringing it out and up towards the temple.

Très simple!  Just remember, keep the line going out and up, not straight out or down.