Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Video Quick Tip #55 - July 13, 2010

Summertime is here and it's the perfect time to talk BRONZERS!

Bronzers seem to be a mystery to you gals, as Brett receives a lot of questions on this topic! Shimmer or no shimmer? What shades are best? How and where do you apply it?

Brett dishes all his tips on the subject, and demos a beachy bronzed look on his lovely assistant Kate.

Shimmer? Brett says keep it to a minimum. Too much shimmer and it will look glittery and won't photograph well.

Shade? Look for bronzers with a hint of pink. Dark terra cotta bronzers give a lot of quick impact, but won't look natural - no one tans that shade! Brett likes Benefit One Hot Minute.

What if I'm really fair? For the most natural hint o' color, try a regular face powder one or two shades darker than you normally wear. This works really well because it's already made in fleshy tones and won't add too much pigment to fair skin tones.

How to apply? Apply your makeup as usual and be sure to set with face powder (if skin is too moist, bronzer will grab to skin and look dark and blotchy). Use a big fluffy face brush and apply bronzer anywhere you'd apply face powder, starting with the neck. Don't use to just blush cheeks - it looks too muddy. Start soft and build the bronzer to your ideal shade.

What about the rest of my body? Don't forget about all your other exposed skin during the summer! Try NARS Body Glow body oil or Vanitymark's Summerskin body bronzing makeup.

Happy bronzing and happy summer!

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