Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video Quick Tip #56 - August 10, 2010

Do you ever get stuck in a beauty rut? No one is immune to them, and even one of Brett's favorite beauty bloggers - Cindy from Hello Dollface - could use some inspiration every now and then.

Brett helps Cindy add a little kick to her go-to smoky eye look...click below for the inside scoop!

The smoky eye is one of Brett's favorite makeup looks as well, but sometimes it needs a little spice! Brett gave Cindy these quick little tips to add extra oomph:

WET SHIMMER: Take a shimmery, pewter shadow like MAC Idol Eyes, add a drop of water on top and swirl in a tight eyeshadow brush. Apply the wet shadow on top of any neutral shade you've already applied for your smoky eye (taupes, charcoals, golds, plums, etc.), and keep it close to the lashline. It will add light reflection and depth to your eyes and dries down to a cream shadow finish. It's like icing on the cake!

EXTEND YOUR LINER: Extended eyeliner is an instant attention-grabber! Sweep your eyeliner beyond the end of your eye and UP towards your temple (not straight across...and definitely not down!). Be sure to "marry" the upper eyeliner line with the lower eyeliner line in the corner of the eye so it becomes one unit, not 2 separate lines. Brett loves MAC Smolder eyeliner.

So what did Cindy have to say about her new look? "It's like a modern, blue-eyed Kim Kardashian!"

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